Here you can download the Standard version of Einstein’s Agent.
Our Premium version will have more parental controls and will enable student reporting. This should be available in December.

You can checkout the difference between the two versions on our Features page.

If you run on a Windows Operating System (eg Windows 10, Etc) please click on the Win Download to start your download.
If you run on Linux, then please click the Linux Download to start your download.
If you have any questions, please just ask.
Win Download

Linux Download


EA Free Version 2015-10-13 09:36:01

Version History

Version Release Date Update
Alpha 0.0.6 Nov 8, 2015 Fixed up the text color in the “What’s This” tooltips .
Alpha 0.0.5 Nov 4, 2015 Added facility to add games and educationals manually. remove dups from game and educational lists. Added a number of new Whatsthis tips.
Alpha 0.0.4 Nov 1, 2015 Add cheat facility – checkboxes plus windows of addition and multiplication tables
Alpha 0.0.3 Oct 30, 2015 Now recognises Educational Games – Khan Academy, Reading Eggs & Mathletics. Plus you can add in your own Educational Games.
Alpha 0.0.2 Oct 28, 2015 Incorporate Menu in top left corner. Includes recognition of a few games.
Alpha 0.0.1 Oct 25, 2015 Initial Release